Mission (what we want to achieve)

Break the cycle of poverty.

Vision (what success will look like)

Loving, healthy and educated children and families with unlimited opportunities.

Strategy (How we’ll achieve our vision)

Create sustainable, measurable, long-term love, care and education programs that give each person the

opportunity to change their present and their future.

          •Love: Acts of love and kindness bridge the gap between stranger and friend. 

          •Care: Feeding the hungry.  Providing clean water.  Clothing the naked.  Building shelter from the cold.  Caring for the sick.  

          •Educate: Offering programs in the following areas: Basic skills and tutoring,  Spanish and En

glish, the creative arts, computer learning, athletics, career development and Christian education.

Our Tools: (What we’ll use to support our strategy)

The Linterna del Camino Community

Short and Long-Term Volunteers and Staff

Resources from Families, Friends, Groups, Churches, Schools, Governments and Institutions

Eco-Friendly Building Practices & Renewable Energy


Linterna del Camino has its roots in the ELCA Lutheran Church, its theology and its overwhelming care for the Global community.  We engage our partner communities and relationships within the framework of the Accompaniment Model.  Building healthy relationships, standing beside our servant friends, pursuing peace, social justice and caring for our neighbor with the same love Christ has shown us motivates our work each day.  We are always open to the work of the Holy Spirit in our service to EVERYONE regardless of belief, race, socio-economic status, language, or religion.  God’s work is in the hands of those serving their neighbor.  Micah 6:8 and Matthew 25:31-46 guide Linterna del Camino in all it does!